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(Writing Update)

I'm going to write this in English, as a filter. Perhaps those three hours after completing the twenty-four cycle are making this “come” to me.

What will you call this god?

From time to time a technological change arises, some impact us more than others.

If we question the exorbitant population increase caused by the development of techniques in the most diverse areas, we will arrive at the industrial revolution. Despite this, it seems a gigantic absurdity to think that a hundred years ago we would not have dreamed of having a nuclear magnetic resonance exam.

Experiencing the world is completely different from hearing about how it used to be in the past. It seems incredible that for so many years of our childhood, some of us are induced to believe, by our environment and individuals around us, that there is a single cause for the entire universe. Even among non-believers, little is said about the non-existence of a beginning of everything. At least I can't deal with that idea. Despite that, I'm starting to accept her into my heart.

Believing that the millennia since the origin of our descendants were filled with the absence of the electromagnetic forces that surround us today, and in an interval of between one hundred and two hundred years, everything we see around us, the antennas on top of large buildings, the computer where you get this message. Everything that is not nature, simply appeared, in a world where none of that existed before. There is a god that I'm talking about here. What will you call this god?

Why is there an order in the things that support human life and intelligence?

Correio Terráqueo,
Agosto de 2023.


    Será que eu sou o único que acha que o pessoal dos foguetes está tentando sair do planeta da maneira errada?

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