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(Short Story)

Morning Class

Birds at the power pole cables at the model school street.

The professor continues explaining while the class calmly appreciate speech.

— So, when the CT scan is activated, the rotor machine turns around the stretcher. — She stops, cause one of these stands up the arm.

— How many rotations, for minute, or… second, I don’t know; is the spinning frequency? — He asks bored.

— One rotation every four seconds. —Teacher responds. She began to return the explanation.

The student come deeply introspective. He lowered his head as if looking inside himself. — I dont belive. — sighed as if betrayed.

— How? — Professor turns back the attention for him.

— I didn't know that it was spinning. But I really feel sick, dizzy.

All the class have turned the attention for him.

— No… sorry. I didn’t know, I really feel’s sick. — He said, yet looking lower. No one said anything. He put the hand open, showing how it fluttered.

— No. The spin is adjusted by the necessity. I don’t want to sound like the rotor do this at every time.

— But when the patient are on the bed, being examinated?

— Certainly.

He offered aproaching the hand for a friend at his side.

— My hand are freezed.

— He said the truth. — Annuncieted the classmate.

— When I took a few steps into the room, my collar simply… disappeared!

— No! Certainly not! — She starts to explain how the witness was mistaken. — Tell me what was the cord from?

— I’ts this nickel cord. — He shows.

— Dear, a nickel cord like this would have destroyed the entire room, all the hospital. A disaster would have happened. — She explain, didatically. — The cord was in your hand?

— It don’t turns simple transperent. I feel it being ripped out my neck, so quick.

— This you’re relating is a security fail. This is serious.

— I’am not worried for this memory. But I think that it you said was nonsensical.

Students moves his eyes looking at the professor surprise.

— The people get’s in sick, for do a exam, and they put’em to spin and spin; throughout the exam once at four seconds. One time every four second, or more! How much times for minute? I can’t even calculate this simple frequency, standing at this state of health I am in.

The birds on the cables outside despaired and flew away, while the teacher's mad laughter ran through the neighborhood and the entire city.

Este texto é dedicado ao Lucca (talvez com 10 ele entenda).

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