[•] Correio Terráqueo [•]

(Short Story)

The temperature of earth atmosphere gets out of control and electronic’s systems around the world start to collapse. Eric arrives at company buildings. Due the high temperature, driver must to get into the garage. Her skin and body would undoubtedly fry and create painful bubbles.

On the top of building, among one of the multiple aerials, a optical emitter yearning to be used. He enters the private office and the people come silent. They have bad news for him.

— Do you want to revise all your project, from beginning? — the man that trusted and let him bring the project to the company asks.

Eric moved her eyes through the office.

— The spaceship is beyond our current reach. The laser can’t achieve the photovoltaic panel. Is a suicide mission.

— We’ve successfully send your pressure vessel. As you can see, it is running beside our emitter.

Eric took a few steps approaching of a monitor. He can see that they said the truth.

— I wanna revise all the project. — Eric said.

Sending a laser containing biomolecular information is indeed an advanced step, and there are important consequences for any mistakes involving this. They understand that Eric needs time to, above all, keep his own life safe.

— The magnetic resonance machine was turned up. — said the operator. It is prepared to take him into the electric circuit, before he was propelled at the frontier of the solar system.

— The vessel has started to fill its interior with air? — Eric didn't wear a pressurized astronaut suit.

— It is working. I’ve been monitoring. The vessel works now at normal temperature and pressure.

The laser was emitted by the antennas on top of build. A satellite capture him and threw the laser containing Eric towards photovoltaic panel.

Time freezes for him. A few hours at close to the speed of light separated him from his destination. Succeeding could save human life getting people out of the solar range. The laser exceeded planetary orbits.

Too far away from there, a divine frontier was drafted by creators.

The laser hits the sensor of photovoltaic panel and the mechanism resend the laser in direction of the vessel, full of clean air. The resulting quantum particle from the Bose-Einstein condensate is know as a boson. A conversion back to bimolecular matter cause Eric emerge appearing and floating into his vessel.

Eric overstepped heliopause. Te interstellar field starts to interact with the vessel. The photovoltaic panel gets ready to receive the next escaping survivors and send they for salvation. The humanity finally reaches the only way that can get us out of the dying sun.

“We, the hosts, welcome you, Eric. Now you can see and help others to escape Earth.”


    Será que eu sou o único que acha que o pessoal dos foguetes está tentando sair do planeta da maneira errada?

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